Designed for the chef and entertainer in you!

Complete Kitchen Remodeling

With kitchens being the center piece of every household, it has become Grand Central Station for entertaining friends and family on special occasions and holidays year round. But for some of us it is just the dream of having such a space to prepare meals and entertain in. OneSource Installations is pleased to provide homeowners with builder quality cabinetry and installation services with many different door styles and finishes to choose from. They are made and built to order so you get exactly what you want at a price that fits your budget. Whether you're looking to remove the old and replace with new or reconfigure the layout all together, we can properly plan your kitchen renovation with the finishes and features of your choice so it functions the way it should for your needs and space . Feel free to scroll through our most popular selection of door fronts and finishes to meet your personal taste and style as you are already one step closer to having your dream kitchen without taking a huge bite out of your pocket book. Be sure to also consider us for your bathroom vanity and laundry room storage needs.


*All cabinetry are subject to deposit with a 4-6 weeks period to produce.*

For the DIYer

Are you a DIYer or House Flipper? Looking for a great deal on your kitchen cabinets? Installing your own cabinets may be easy enough for some with the proper tools and knowledge, but coming up with the proper cabinet sizing and a material list is a challenge of its own. Aside from providing quality installs, OneSource Installations is happy to provide you with a proper measurements and material list including light rails and crown moulding delivered to your door ready for installation. No assembly required!  All at a competitive price so you can tackle that next project a bit sooner. But if your install becomes a little more complex than you first thought, we are happy to provide you with our installation services so your kitchen remains the center piece of your home or the main profit of your project.  



Door Styles

With everyone being so unique and wanting to express it in their own way, we have many door styles and over 50 finishes to choose from so you can have the kitchen that you deserve.  

  • Shaker w Vgroove

  • Pillow

  • Shaker

  • Flat Slab

  • Standerd

  • Shaker w Pinstripe


  • Summer Flame

  • Hard Rock Maple

  • Silken Maple

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Copa Cabana

  • Chocolate Pear Tree

  • Boardwalk

  • Linear Ash

  • Noce Vettore

  • Aria

  • Wood Grain White

  • Artic Ribbon

  • Beachwood

  • Antique Whitewash

  • White Chocolate

  • Noyer

  • Dolce Vita

  • Noce Secchia

  • Merapi

  • Tuxedo

  • Walnut

  • Bourbon Cherry

  • Rustik Cherry

  • Tobacco Cherry


Any kitchen remodel or renovation comes with many choices....the Toughest one might be your countertops. Depending on the size of your budget, you might face the question of just how far you want to go with them. Prior to the rise of the modern kitchen, tile or laminate countertops were pretty much all the choice you had. With the growing popularity of luxurious kitchen spaces, it's no wonder materials like concrete, recycled glass, quartz and granite have become such high demand countertops materials. With laminate evolving over the years with more attractive designs,  bullnose profiles and durability. Tile has also evolved with larger format sizes and material including granite, marble and porcelain which look great with a modern metal profile edging. OneSource Installations offers  many selections of laminate and tile countertops installation for the budget consciences consumer. If you happen to be tempted by the more luxurious materials we are happy to recommend reliable suppliers of such materials. But don't forget  about your backslash as this can bring the whole space together.

Decorative Hardware

Because there is so many choices to pick from please visit for a huge selection. On the home screen Click "Products" then Click "Decorative Hardware". From there you can choose from many different Knobs, Handles and Pull Bars in many different finishes at a price point that fits yours budget.