Tile Floors

With so many different tile finishes, sizes, styles, colours and patterns, we can help you achieve any look or trend that you desire. Whether you want 2x2 on you shower stall floor, 12x24 in your kitchen or 18x36 in your professional building, we can assure your floor will be level with tight and uniform grout lines. 



Custom Shower & Bath

An ensuite with a custom shower and/or bath is a little piece of paradise within the walls of your home. We are happy to listen to your vision as well as offer new ideas to make your space truly one of a kind.

We Offer Full Bathroom Renovations!

Kitchen Backsplash

What was once a trend is now a statement in any cooking space. It says a little something about the person who prepares the meals there. With more tile selection than ever before, the possibilities are endless with tile design and size.  The food isn’t the only thing your guests have to be drooling over. Just a little food for thought.

Walls & Fireplaces

A fireplace or a wall covered in tile or stone veneer as an accent is always the main focal point in any room. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or hospitality setting, we have many suppliers with a variety of products to fit any budget to get the timeless look you are looking for.


The subfloor is the main foundation of any successful floor tile installation job. If it's not done right the first time it’s just a matter of time before the whole job fails. Proper preparation work is everything…Cutting corners is NO option!  With plywood being the traditional solution, many products have since made an appearance in the market today. Brands like FiberRoc and Schluter Ditra being the most common, there are many others products also available. We are happy to explain the difference of each product and the price point so you can make a solid decision for your floor’s foundation. 


In Floor Heat

In floor heat was once a luxury in the bathroom but has now expanded throughout the whole house. With so many different options and systems on the market today, we are happy to help explain the difference of each system as well as the installation process so you can choose the right system at the right price that fits your budget. During installation, we continually check wire current during so you don’t have cold feet in the end. We can guarantee that we will leave you with a warm feeling. 



Waterproofing over the years has become a new code when building a new home or when renovating an existing shower or tub surround. It provides so much! It protects the backer board in behind the tile from absorbing moisture and water which prevents mold growth and discoloring grout lines. When done right with the right products, it guarantees the life of your custom shower or bath area for not just years but decades to come. Chances are the trend and style of tile will deteriorate long before the shower ever does.  With so many waterproofing options and systems on the market today we can explain all options and price points to fit your budget, so you don’t get soaked into buying a failing system.

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling is something that we are hearing  about more often. But why?  With the aging of older homes, things tend to settle leaving floors uneven and twisted. Or perhaps an uneven concrete floor in a basement or place of business. This may not be something you will notice with other types of flooring finishes but with tile it will jump out at you as tile edges and corners will stick up. Large tile sizes in many shapes, sizes and patterns have become more popular than ever before. To ensure a flat even finish and maintain a tight consistent grout line, it is very important that the larger the tile the more level the subfloor. We are pleased to offer this service when and where recommend. The details lay within the lines!