Hardwood, Engineered, Laminates, and LPV

Thought No One "WOOD" Notice

The flooring in our homes is one of the most neglected items when it comes to renovations. Rooms will be painted time and time again. Updated trim and lighting alone can completely change the feel of any room and how we us it. We consider these little changes renovations because our peers are impressed by the outcome even though they are minor. Bathrooms may get a new vanity, an efficient toilet and towel bars. Kitchens cabinets come down and new ones go up with light rails and crown moulding. But yet the floors are all still original. The linoleum at the front door is faded from the sun over the years and all the abuse has caused it to curl at the seams going into storage closets, adjacent halls and possibly laundry rooms. But yet we look past all this and don’t seem to notice because the fresh coat of paint and fancy new light fixture that was installed diverts our eye away from it. Eventually the novelty of these changes wears thin and the condition of the floors makes a stronger appearance. Some people realize the floors in our homes are one of the biggest renovations you will face. They are in every room and eventually they all need to be removed and replaced. But because of the size of the project some of us seem to put it off and disregard it. But did you know that new flooring is a HUGE added value to your home if it flows from room to room and is done properly. Although some will take on the challenge of replacing their floors themselves thinking it will be easy based on what they saw on TV and what the sales representative guy said at the store. Not to mention the money they thought they could save by purchasing the cheaper on sale product. Unfortunately, not done properly could result in cuts not being done properly exposing the subfloor underneath. Squeaks could start to let their presence be known after a short period of time. As do buckles and the board seams start to pull apart and separate. The floors need to be replaced again and all your hard work and materials were wasted. Now knowing the added value floors bring to your home, you might be more interested in replacing those floors professionally. An added bonus is you can do your entire home, a house level or a few rooms at a time…Whatever fits your budget. Either way floors change the look and feel of the whole house. They also bring added value to the other renovations you have done or are planning to do. Whatever your flooring needs are One Source has you covered from wall to wall with professionally, properly installed hardwood, engineered woods, laminates and LVP.  We are happy to help you determine what material wood suits your needs best. High traffic, high moisture and other circumstances   could all have an effect on what product is best for you. We don’t care where you get your materials from and we won’t tell you what to buy, but we will help inform you as to what you should get and we'll make sure they are installed properly so there is nothing to worry about later in life. Because we believe you’re walking on our reputation!

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

That’s right! Vinyl flooring is back! It is a surprising trend that has gained momentum causing other flooring types to curl their toes. Having shifted from sheets that roll out, LVP is great for so many reasons including application. Being very popular in commercial and hospitality settings, it has found its place in homes with it incredibly realistic wood look giving homeowners another option over hardwood and laminate with very few cons. Being very durable and WATERPROOF (not resistant) LVP is also quick to install and is simple to maintain lasting years to come when done properly. So if your life has high demands from wear and tear from kids, pet or heavy usage then consider the perks of LVP. 





Durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean and maintain, it's no wonder hardwood flooring is so popular and had been used for hundreds of years. It is the gold standard still today. But with so many species and colours, picking the right wood for your home or office is more then just picking your favorite shade of stain and slapping it down. With solid hardwood and engineered hardwood available many don't know the difference and where to apply it. Solid hardwood in most cases is 3/4" thick of solid milled wood and must be nailed down to a wood substate locking each board and firmly holding it in it's place while Engineered hardwood is made up of several wood plies layer (like plywood) with a thick veneer showing it beauty, coming as thin as 3/8" to 3/4" thick, this product can be clicked together, nailed or glued down to it substate giving those with a concrete substate an other option other then laminate for the wood look you desire. So whether you're tearing out an old dusty carpet or needing to replace your existing hardwood that has been worn down to its last grain, we're happy to help explain the pros and cons of each so you can decide what material suits your needs best. But what ever you decide, hardwood not only enhances the elegance but also adds a warmth to your home. It provides an inviting feeling making every room seem much bigger while adding great resale value to your home when properly installed.



Laminate flooring has gained much popularity since it hit the market in the mid 90's giving homeowners a very affordable option other then carpet, linoleum and hardwood with many of the benefits being kept in your wallet. What once looked like a cheap plastic imitation of hardwood flooring, laminate has advanced considerably over the last few decades with technology giving laminate flooring a very realistic look in a variety of shades, lengths and textures while being durable, impact and scratch resistant. Though so many seem to claim installation is a "snap" so many fail to do the job properly with boards pulling apart over a short period all while making the room look crooked. OneSource Installations doesn't just come in and click the floor together, we maintain a straight line making everything appear uniform ensuring each plank is clicked in properly and cut accordingly around the perimeters so you're not walking on wood'n waves later.  Something that is as easy as the snap of the finger can go wrong quicker then a broken nail.