From just a face lift to a complete over haul!

Custom Bath Remodeling

Bathrooms were once just another room in the house where we would go for a few moments of relief. Now bathrooms have become a place to retreat and an area of relaxation. Ensuites especially have become one of the most luxurious and sought after rooms in a house.  With so many home improvement shows, home magazines and Pintertest there is a lot of inspiration out there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to having your own piece of luxury and paradise within the walls of your home.  The bathroom is a place where we all start our day and for most it is also where we end our day. It is no surprise custom bathrooms are the fastest growing trend in homes renovation today. We are one of only a few contractors specializing in bathroom remodeling. We have a proper knowledge of materials and procedures insuring a water tight seal. Whether you are looking for just a simple replacement of your tub surround or a complete bathroom overhaul with all the extra added features, we can work within your budget. We guarantee to provide you a remarkable space that will distract and prevent any of your guests from nosing around in your medicine cabinet.


Bath Tub Replacement

If your existing bathtub is discoloured, pitted, faded or just an out dated colour, then it's probably time to swap it out!  Whether your budget just calls for a new standard steel tub, a nice neck deep soaker or even a luxurious freestanding tub, we have the knowledge and skill to make it happen.  Many "tub liner" companies give consumers the impression their renovation will be a rough and dirty job that takes weeks to complete. Unfortunately this is true when such business  hires inexperienced and under-qualified individuals to do the job. This leaves consumers to believe there is no other option than a cheap plastic shell with a ridiculous price tag.  This is what differentiates us from those other guys. Bathrooms are what we specialize in!  In most cases, we can remove the existing walls and tub causing no damage to the surrounding area. We can then install a new tub of your choice and rebuild the walls to a standard Wet Proof code in as little as half a day. This leaves the rest of the afternoon to prepare for added designer features of your choice. Features can include handheld shower head and a slide pole, a custom built niche and everything in between.  In most cases, we can start laying the tile of your choice the next day.  So say “NO” to costly ugly tub liners and plastic wall surround that provide no added value. Say “YES” to style, tile and a custom design that fits your personal taste. We bring out the value in your home, we don't cover it up!

Tub to Shower Conversion

There is nothing more relaxing than having a warm bubbly soak in a bath and letting your cares after a long hard day fade away. Unfortunately, having the time to have a bath is a luxury in its self. Many of us can't remember the last time we took a bath. Whether you’re increasing age is causing mobility issues or a disability requires you have barrier free access or you’re just trying to keep up with the fast pace of modern living, a custom shower unit makes sense. Consider bringing your bathroom into the 21st century by scrapping the old tub and converting the space into a large custom built shower unit with your personal touches and accents. This is a great way to make any bathroom appear much bigger than it really is not to mention adding a ton of value to your home. Being a bit more work than a tub replacement, in most cases, this can be done within a few days. You can customize your shower by adding an accent boarder, seat and built in storage niches. But take caution: Showcasing your new bathroom may cause jealousy amongst your friends and family. It may also result in increased water bills as result of the longer showers you will be tempted to take. 

Shower Niche

A niche is a great feature to add to any bathing space. This feature is commonly used to store soap, shampoo, cleansers and accessories. It can also be used to display decorative items and accent pieces to make the bathing space pop. A niche maintains a clean spacious look, giving the appearance and feeling of a much larger space. With so much wall space to play with, the possibilities are almost endless. You can literally place any number of niches of any size in almost any area you desire.  This allows for true functionality for you and your family. It’s no wonder the niche is becoming more of a high demand item in the bath or shower space. Sometimes big things come in small packages.

Shower Seat & Bench

It's become a fast growing and must have trend to have a seat or bench in any custom built shower. This added feature provides a place to sit and relax while water rains down on you. Imagine your frustrations after a long day washing away, gravitating towards the drain. A seat or beach is more than just a sitting post for the shower enthusiast. It can also play a huge role in the life of elderly citizens who may have mobility issues or anyone with a physical disability. A seat or bench provides a safe place to sit comfortably while they maintain their independence. For individuals who require the assistance of a caregiver, this added feature can make the task of showering much easier. For some, a seat in the shower has completely changed the bathroom experience. Whatever the purpose, we can custom build seat and benches in many shapes and sizes. We can also customize the height. Be sure to consider your front row seat to luxury and style with your custom built shower renovation. 

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves not only store your personal bath products, but they can also add a dimension to your shower or bath space.  Previously, these shelves were very limited as to what you could get and often did not match your wall tile.  We are pleased to offer custom made corner shelves. We can make a shelf of any wall tile you choose.  Whether you want one in each corner or two stacked in one corner, the choice is yours. These corner shelves also look great on each side of a niche. Whether you are looking for more storage space or just want to add more flair to your dream shower or bath, this feature is something to consider. 

Foot Pedestal


A foot pedestal is often over looked but we can custom build this element in any  space so you can get a leg up in your shower routine. This feature allows you to balance yourself so you can cleanse and shave comfortably. With a few different options available maintaining a consisent design of your custom shower  may be something to not over look. Ask about differnt options avaliable that best fit your style and needs .


Which was once a just standard area for storage of household cleaner and toiletries, today vanities have become a huge accent piece of most bathrooms today.  They can pull everything together in a new modern bathroom. With so many styles and finishes, the possibilities are almost endless so for your convenience we install all cabinetry and counter tops supplied by us or yourself. 

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